The Noble Quest for Bay Laurel


The ancient story of bay laurel begins with the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne originating sometime around 700 BCE. Daphne, (the Greek word for laurel), is a beautiful female nymph dedicated to the goddess Artemis with a vow of chastity. Eros, the god of love, shoots Apollo, the god of sun, light, and truth, with a gold-tipped arrow. Seeing Daphne, Apollo is filled with passion and pursues her relentlessly. Daphne resists, calls out to her father for aid, and is turned into a bay laurel tree for her protection. Apollo falls to his knees at her roots and proclaims the bay laurel sacred. This PDF folio shares the wisdom of bay laurel and teaches us to fully investigate our sense of self worth and embody our own quiet greatness by wearing the “crown of glory” we’ve cultivated through the good life we live everyday.