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“Why should I explore these folios?” you might ask. Well, I created Plant Spirit Life because there are times that I feel like everyone else is achieving their goals and leading the life they want, while I’m left struggling to figure out what’s missing. These folios contain the powerful plant-inspired life-coaching activities that have helped me overcome challenges, begin anew, examine limiting assumptions, and move forward with more joy and purpose. If you’ve ever felt stuck, I believe the information and practices in these folios can help.

“Why are plant stories important?” is another great question. Through a unique cultural history, many plants develop a symbolic spiritual meaning that offers keys for living in a way that feels more connected, grateful, and satisfying. A plant’s spiritual key is its story. For example, cedar’s story is LEGACY. Cedar asks, “What will you leave behind?” Bay Laurel’s story is WORTHINESS. Laurel asks, “What stops you from crowning your life in glory?” Chamomile’s story is FORGIVENESS, while vanilla invites you to COME INTO LIGHT after a period of darkness.

I’ve connected plant stories with holistic practices from a range of complimentary and traditional systems. Plant stories combine with ayurveda, aromatherapy, yoga, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, meditation, and more to link us directly with our deep selves, our wild dreams for the future, our loved ones, our communities, our health, and our happiness.

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