Holding the Amyris Torch for Others

The wisdom of amyris trees (Amyris balsamifera) tells us that humans experience loss, setbacks, obstacles, regret, and disappointment. Some of us seem to know instinctively how to maintain emotional balance, cultivate optimism, learn from mistakes, adapt to challenges, focus on the future, and move forward after misfortunes. Others of us find it difficult to cope with changing circumstances. We may feel emotionally upended and spend long periods circling grief, confusion, and dismay. Maybe we lock ourselves away in a dull prison of numbness where old hurts continue to haunt our hearts. We may feel bitter, disillusioned, isolated, and unable to believe in a positive future. Amyris affirms (strengthens) resilience and counters (weakens) feelings of being stuck in misfortune. 

Perhaps, you are one of those people with naturally high resilience or you are in a good place in your life where you feel strong and bright. Perhaps, you are a person with lower resilience and life often feels stressful or overwhelming—maybe life feels gray. Finally, you might be a person amid heartbreak, a setback, a misfortune, or a time of high emotional stress.

Regardless of where you are right now in your life, Amyris is a spiritual emblem that affirms resilient characteristics in your nature. Amyris reminds you to use your gift of resilience to help others find their way out of darkness. Sometimes, a kind word of encouragement or the avowal of support makes a difference. Sometimes we are a hand to hold and a quiet witness to grief. Even when our own lives feel difficult, we can hold the torch for others. We may find that this practice connects us to the light that is always present in our own spirit and makes our own burdens easier to carry.

In all cases, amyris reminds us that others don’t need advice, they simply need to be seen, heard, valued, understood, and loved in just the right way for them—for the moment and for the circumstances. Often, we are the knowing of the other side. We hold an ongoing vision for our friend of their future happiness. We can see ahead, to the time when the pain of a misfortune has passed. Our knowledge that they will get through this—our certainty of their right to a beautiful life—is the amyris torch illuminating the way forward. 

If you wish, make an amyris essential oil synergy and diffuse it into your living and working space as a background calmative. Let it remind you to embrace the teachings of amyris and shine your good heart on people who might value a moment of your light. Reach out to a friend, volunteer in your community, or simply remember to look at the people you encounter and to smile unconditional, positive regard into their eyes. These daily power statements help you hold the torch for others:

  • I am compassionate and understanding. I hold healing space for others. 
  • I see the people around me and hold them in loving light. 
  • I am here to support people in the very best way for their highest good. 
  • I want only the best for the people of the world. 
  • I am a light in the darkness. I shine my love onthe world. 
  • I give people my undivided attention in just the right way for them. 
  • I hold a vision of every person’s right to a good life. 

Share your experiences of holding the amyris torch for others in the journal entry or discussion with a trusted friend or on the Plant Spirit Life Facebook page. Strive to make this a regular practice. You will make a difference to someone else, as they will make a difference for you. Most importantly, you will practice connecting to the great light that is your own torch, burning on, always at the core of your being. 

Hold the Torch Essential Oil Synergy 

This essential oil synergy, featuring amyris, is meant for diffusion into a living or working space as a background calmative. Combine 10 drops of amyris essential oil (resilience), with 9 drops of grapefruit essential oil (joy), and 2 drops of thyme essential oil (courage for the journey) in a 5-milliliter glass bottle with a dropper top and lid. Add 6 drops of the synergy to an aromatherapy diffuser. 

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